You CAN Build a Team That Does Things Your Way

How many times have you wished your employees would do things your way? The way you treat customers, the way you make sales, the way you deliver your product or service, the way you solve problems, and, if we’re going to be honest, the way you think?

If you’re like most business owners who want to create a self-sustaining business—one that gives you the choice to be there or not—you know that having a team of people that does things your way is fundamental to letting go.

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How to Cultivate Leaders You Trust

This is the fourth and final post in our series, How to Build a Business That Doesn't Depend on You. You can read the first post here, the second here, and the third here.

Okay—let’s say you’ve taken all the necessary steps to build a self-sustaining business.

You’ve made a clear decision to do it, and you’ve let your desire build.

You’ve let go of unproductive beliefs and are thinking like an Entrepreneur. You’ve come to see your business as a process designed to produce a desired result without you.

You’ve envisioned a business that doesn’t depend on your personal production, and you’ve written your vision down. You’ve imagined a culture where your employees are committed to your picture of the future and share your view of what really matters on the way there.

You’ve freed up your time to work on your business, not just in it. You’ve built systems in every area of your business that stand for what you believe in, and you’ve continuously improved them until they generate consistent, predictable results. You’ve set standards that everyone on your team lives by.

In other words, you’ve created a world of your own that can operate without you.

It’s an incredible accomplishment...but are you done?

It depends.

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The 6 Do’s and Don’ts of Hiring

Interviewing can be fun and exciting—the thrill of adding new capabilities to your team, thoughts of growth and expansion. Yet, we seldom recognize the cost of moving too quickly. Hiring for the wrong reasons. Rushing the process.

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Four Must-Have Traits in a CFO

Numbers—drilling down into a complex spreadsheet of financial data—can be unsettling. Even to those who are accustomed to reviewing their own financials and metrics on a regular basis, it’s entirely possible to feel degrees of panic when faced with looking at the numbers. Why? Because there’s no hiding from the truth with numbers. In your weekly status meeting, your executive team may sugar-coat the truth about a project that’s going off the rails. Your direct reports might be marking up your “360 review process” with above-average scores because they fear the consequences of sharing some harsh truths. But when you look at your cash flow last month, there’s only cold reality: where you started, what changed and where you ended.

Topics: Hiring, Finance

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A Proactive Approach to Creating Your Hiring System

So you’ve found yourself doing a better job of hiring and retaining the right employees. The last key point in my blog post, “Hiring and Keeping Rockstar Employees,” referenced documenting the system. You’ve spent a lot of time understanding and strategizing, and it would be a shame if you didn’t take it a step further and cement the entire process.

Topics: Hiring, Systemization

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Hiring and Keeping Rockstar Employees

You constantly struggle to find the right employees. The hires you’re not crazy about stay and the ones you want to keep always leave. You often wonder if you’re missing something or if this is just the way it is.

Topics: Brand, Hiring

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The Interview Is The Last Place You’ll Find A Great Employee

Most businesses hire out of short term desperation, and pay a long term price. How much time went into your last bad hiring decision - compared to how much energy you've spent dealing with it.

Topics: Hiring

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