Trying To Reach Your Ideal Customer? They Might Be Closer Than You Think

What if you've already found your tribe without knowing it? It's worth considering, because they're probably sending you a message about your product or service that you can easily miss if you don't listen carefully. This was true for us, and we're learning some incredible things from our 'tribe', things that might help you as you work to find and connect with yours.

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Using EMyth To Grow Your Business? What Story Are You Telling?

You can learn a lot about your business through market research and customer feedback. But if you're building a brand for the long term, there's a deeper story that isn't so easily quantified. It's the more personal story you're telling yourself and then to your customers that keeps people coming back. And after the early stages of a business, one of the biggest challenges isn't just staying true to that story, it's refining it, and staying relevant to both existing customers and new ones.

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Shouldn’t your business coach be better at marketing than you are?

Shouldn't business coaches have a great business of their own? How much can they really help you if they're teaching but not doing? And by doing, I mean working on their business the way they say you should be working on yours.

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The Power of Caring

It's an impossibly small moment. That sliver of a fraction of a second when we decide to buy from you or move on. It happens long before we put down our credit card. It's a feeling first - a mental rationalization second.

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The Customer Bill Of Wants

Good products are sold, great products are purchased.

Here's how it would sound if you could listen to the emotional conversation that a buyer of a great product has with themselves …

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Atlas Cared

What if Ayn Rand and her controversial worldview is actually a far more reasonable picture of reality than many believe, but for all the wrong reasons? While there’s no shortage of opinions on how her ideas should be applied (or more often, rejected), arguing about whether she was right or wrong wastes a bigger opportunity. There’s a way to honor the real truth in her philosophy, just inside a more holistic and accurate picture of our humanity and how we express ourselves through work and business.

Topics: Brand, Leadership, Values

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Shopping For A President?

I’m in the market for a President.

My country is in need of some repair, some short term solutions tied to a long term vision that makes sense, and I’m looking for a leader who can deliver. It happened to be that two Presidential Merchants were on stage together last week, so I tuned in to hear their pitch. At the end of the night, I found myself in the same position most shoppers find themselves in. I wanted to buy something — I mean I really need a President — but I decided to wait. I heard two salesman arguing about features and prices and neither of them answered the real question I had. Why should I buy from you? I walked away depressed.

Topics: Brand, Leadership, Values

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