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Are You Social?

What happened over the last ten years? For me, it went from door-to-door salespeople and a mailbox full of advertisements to electronic overload. My gosh, my inbox fills up fast. My Facebook feed runs faster than I can run my fastest mile. My phone battery now dies quicker than ever before, and at times, I want to say to heck with it all and delete every one of my apps. But then, I remember I #like to be social.

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Your Brand Commitment: It's More about You than Your Customers

This is part two in a series. Click here for Part 1.

In my last post we talked about marketing and how it starts with you and your Brand Commitment. I left you with two questions to ponder: What do you want your customers to say about your business? And, how do you want your customers to feel in every interaction with your business?

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Marketing: It's More about You than Your Customers

“We need more sales.”

At some point during the life of your business you've probably uttered these words. For most business owners these words have become a part of their regular vocabulary. Without sales, there's no business. The employees need to get paid, the lights need to stay on and most companies are looking for some level of growth. I get it.

Topics: Sales, Brand, Marketing

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Hiring and Keeping Rockstar Employees

You constantly struggle to find the right employees. The hires you’re not crazy about stay and the ones you want to keep always leave. You often wonder if you’re missing something or if this is just the way it is.

Topics: Brand, Hiring

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Is Marketing Automation the Silver Bullet You're Looking For?

There are a lot of things marketing automation software can do for you. It can help you increase traffic, educate and inspire potential customers, and give you a microscopic view of what happens at every step of your buyer’s journey.

But like all good things, it’s not quite that simple. It takes a real investment of time, attention and money. It won’t create content for you. And it won’t tell you who your real buyers are. In short, you can get a lot out of it—but only if you put the right things into it first.

Topics: Brand, Marketing, Technology

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Looking for the Perfect Customer? Look No Further.

It’s never been easier to chase after the wrong customers. With the explosion of online marketing tools, you and your team can spend all day (and all night) doing it. Which is why it’s never been more important that you have something—or more specifically, someone—to guide you. The challenge for today’s business owner is to get to know your customer in far deeper ways than you’ve ever done before.

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How Does Inbound Marketing Work? [Infographic]

Inbound marketing is drastically changing the way we think about customers—down to the very terminology we use.

There are a lot of new things to think about: personas, calls-to action, buyer stages and so much more. It’s about creating remarkable content, understanding who your customers are, what frustrations they’re trying to solve, and showing the value of your service or product in new ways.

This infographic will walk you through the basics of inbound marketing terminology, and start changing the way you think about potential customers as they move through the buyer’s journey. 

Topics: Brand, Marketing, Technology

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If Your Company Culture Could Talk, What Would It Say?

Would you apply for a job at your business? Think about it for a moment. With where you are in your life—with your unique talents and dreams—is it the kind of place that would support you in getting closer to the life you want? Do you think you have any employees who aren’t evaluating their jobs, right this very minute, on that criteria?

Topics: Managing Employees, Brand, Company Culture

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How To Make Your Small Business Blog Really Shine

Is your blog getting you down? Do you wonder whether it’s worth all the effort, whether people are really getting something from it, whether you’re “doing it right”? Maybe you think you’re not a writer, or you simply feel like you don’t have the time to write with all the other demands of your small business.

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It’s What You Get, Not What You See

Do you have a business where people go out of their way to be your customer?

I was dreaming the other day about what it takes to build a brand that delivers clients to my door. Let's just suppose that I manage to come up with the best possible name for a business in my industry. Then I design an attractive logo and an engaging tagline. It's so good it wins awards and all my competitors almost quit because they didn't think of it.

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