Now You Can Always Ask A Coach

It's a big day for us. We just launched an important new feature on the EMyth Platform. We think it's a big deal, and we wanted to tell you why.

EMyth Ask a Coach Feature on MobileIt's because running a business is a big deal. You've got a lot of people counting on you, and the way the economy is today leaves you no room for waste. And now there's a way you can become a better leader - by getting real business coaching, at your own pace, and do it from anywhere and on any device.

21 “Must-Have” Lessons.

While the full EMyth library has over 120 processes, the first 21 lessons cover areas that every business owner has to have down cold. We wanted to get these online so you could work on them from anywhere and enjoy doing it.

Easy Access to Live Events.

We've now integrated live events right into the platform. From developing management and sales skills to open Q&A with coaches, you can register right from the platform and access our event archive as well, all included in your monthly subscription.

At Your Fingertips: Ask A Coach

And if we're asking you the right questions about your business, you're going to have questions about what to do next. From how to put the finishing touches on your cash plan to dealing with a delicate personnel issue, direct access to the network of Certified EMyth Coaches is now one click away. And you'll get a response within 48 hours.

We know how hard it is to run a business and how many things are pulling on you every day. Sometimes it can make you wonder whether it’s all worth it.

The answer is: it is. You just need help. And it's free for 30 days (a $100 value). So, really - the only thing you have to lose are the excuses. What better gift to give yourself and your business?

Get started with EMyth today.

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Jonathan Raymond

Written by Jonathan Raymond

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