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Client Story: Luke Spicer

I’ve worked in the construction industry for awhile, but I wanted to offer a better experience for employees and customers. I took my passion for concrete and working hard and started Creative Concrete in 2004.

Our business is about 2-3 times the average size of most companies in our industry for year-round labor. But every time we’d get up to this saturation point, we’d self-implode. I thought it was me and that I wasn’t a good leader for my team. I knew I wanted things to change and, after reading The E-Myth Revisited, I felt that EMyth could help me change my business and implement new strategies.

Back when I started Creative Concrete, I was also competitively kickboxing and that was a huge part of my life. Eventually, the business grew to a point where it was taking up a lot of my time. I wasn’t able to train for kickboxing anymore, and because my work is so seasonal (most of the work is in the summer), it was harder to spend time with my kids.

The combination of everything going on in my business and my personal life, made running the day-to-day of the business even more difficult. As a result, the more stressed out I got, the more I drank. I remember taking vacations to work on my business and regroup, and I wouldn’t drink because I was happy. But then I’d come home and repeat the cycle. I felt like I couldn’t focus on what I needed to do. I was getting in my own way.

My coach, Rachel Clark, changed everything. She told me that I need to keep going, that I needed to keep growing and couldn’t be stagnant. After that, I really started focusing on the business, growing as an individual and not accepting less than what I wanted from anybody at work or in my life.

Luke Spicer is a really good example of an Entrepreneur, leading a few different businesses. He isn't perfect and is a perfect model. I am so impressed with his resiliency, fire, intention and hard work. He sees his successes and recognizes the growth he still has to do.Rachel Clark

My schedule significantly adjusted this year and financially the business isn’t seeing the rewards it use to because I’m not putting in the hours I use to. But there also isn’t a lot of satisfaction there. I know I can make money from Creative Concrete, but it isn’t fulfilling for me any longer. Throughout the EMyth process, I’ve been working on myself and what makes me happy, but I know that someone can’t just come into the business and do what I’ve been doing daily.

A big issue for us is employee engagement. The staff will give you a lot of “yeah” answers. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, we’ll do that.” But they don’t really want to do it, they’re just saying “yeah” because they feel they have to. I don’t want employee engagement like that. I want them to do it because they really believe in it.

My sister, who has worked with me for awhile now, is really taking the initiative to own the managerial position that will help me take a step back from the company. I’ve tried to let go before, but the people I’ve put in that role were never in it for the right reasons. Even though the market has slowed down here, I’m excited to pass on what I’ve learned to my sister. I know she can run with it and grow the business because she’s very detail-orientated and she’ll make a great manager. It hinders my entrepreneurial drive to have to be “in” it every day, but now I have all of this freedom to think clearly and develop as a leader in the community and do the things I’m passionate about.

It is with pleasure that Luke has found his joy in being a leader. Because of this, he has not only remained in business but grown it in such a way that supports his life and other ventures.Rachel Clark

Working with EMyth has been a transformative process, not only for my business, but for my life as well. Since I started coaching, I made a commitment to myself to stop drinking and for the first time in nine years, I’m able to focus on what I love doing. I’m competitively kickboxing again, I’m involved in leadership speaking and I’ve put a plan together for a new business. I’m taking all that I’ve learned from the EMyth journey and moving into the next phase of my life.

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