Slade Machamer

Written by Slade Machamer

Slade is EMyth's VP of Sales. He and his team work directly with our clients and our coaches to create rich and rewarding coaching experiences.

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Have You Said No Today?

John Lennon gave us, “Yes is the answer,” and I get what he means. He was talking about saying yes to love, embracing life, and seeing opportunities instead of limits—all important and valuable in building the kind of world we want to live in. But what about saying “No?” Is there a place for that, especially in your business? Have you ever taken a moment to consider what you really want and need to say No to right now?

Topics: Leadership, Management

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Not an Inspirational Leader? Think Again.

How do you inspire your people? You can feel they need something. You see them come into work with tired eyes and watch them half-listen during meetings. You know it’s on you to uplift them or bring them more meaning, something to get their head above water and remember why they took a job with your company in the first place. But if you’re not feeling inspired, how can you expect to inspire your team? No doubt, you have a real need for them to feel an ongoing drive toward results—a momentum that doesn’t require you hovering around their desk to make sure things get done correctly.

Topics: Leadership

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You Get What You Didn't Pay For

The Problem With Daily Deal Sites

On the surface, daily deal sites like Groupon seem to be an innovative, fun way to connect customers and businesses. But underneath, it’s a different story. These ‘deal sites’ depend on two things: an insecurity among business owners, i.e. “I’m building it, but what if people don’t come?” and the general laziness of the marketplace.

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