Shey Yearsley

Written by Shey Yearsley

Shey is passionate about helping people realize their potential and communities realize positive change. She believes in the power of small businesses, run by intentional individuals to transform the way we work. As an Events Manager for EMyth, she loves having opportunities to connect with business coaches around the world.

The Rewarding Risk of a Career Transition

The first of the year is a good time to step back and take stock of our lives. The New Year seems to give us permission to look at the big picture—our families, our relationships, our careers, dare I say—our dreams? We may ask ourselves questions like: “Am I doing what I truly love? Is my career feeding my life?” Maybe there’s just a nagging voice of discontent that pops into your mind while you’re furtively checking email at your daughter’s choir recital, or slumping over your keyboard to finish an email while your friends toast the New Year.

Topics: Coaching, Values

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