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Rick Snyder

Written by Rick Snyder

Rick Snyder is the lead coach and business owner of Three Hats, where he coaches and leads workshops for business owners globally. He lives in Cannes, France and is an EMyth Certified Business Coach and Presenter. For a free coaching session to explore how to grow your business, schedule an appointment with him here.

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The One Place You Aren't Looking to Improve Your Customer Experience

Now more than ever, money, technology and personnel are invested in the user and customer experience. In today’s world of instant reviews and feedback, businesses are sprinting to stay one step ahead of their customer to attract their target market, intuit their needs and attempt to exceed expectations.

Topics: Company Culture, Leadership

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Is Your Business Ready for 2016?

As the end of the year approaches, it’s a natural time to reflect on how this past year went. Yet, so often, we steamroll right into the next year with New Year’s resolutions we’ve posted on Facebook and promises to ourselves that we often don’t follow through.

Topics: Strategic Planning

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