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Written by Rachel Clark

Rachel is an EMyth Coach, Facilitator and Trainer. She has transformed a career as a business coach, into owning her own business, Synergy Business Coaching. Helping communicate the business skills needed to operate a successful operation, allows her to help owners find their own success.
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When Kim Found Her Vision

When I started as a business coach, my life did not look like it does today. I lived in the city, in a house that was in the middle of a subdivision. I worked for someone else and had never considered myself an entrepreneur. My default vision at the time was that I would continue to build a career for myself inside a good company—one that cared and took care of its employees—until I retired in my dream house, watching grandbabies run about.

Don’t get me wrong; I did dream about what it might be like to be an entrepreneur, just as I saw my father do his entire life. But it was just that—a dream, and not the reality I thought would support me for the rest of my life.

Topics: EMyth, Strategic Planning, Values

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How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed and Find Control

“I’m overwhelmed.” It’s something we hear often, from everyone from frazzled parents to (especially) business owners. There’s just so much to do, so many details to notice and manage. Nobody wants to feel overwhelmed, yet what can you do about it?

Topics: EMyth, Strategic Planning, Systemization

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Are You Social?

What happened over the last ten years? For me, it went from door-to-door salespeople and a mailbox full of advertisements to electronic overload. My gosh, my inbox fills up fast. My Facebook feed runs faster than I can run my fastest mile. My phone battery now dies quicker than ever before, and at times, I want to say to heck with it all and delete every one of my apps. But then, I remember I #like to be social.

Topics: Strategic Planning, Brand, Social Media

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What Do the Numbers Say about Your Business?

Every great business has its verbal story: how it got started, where it’s going, what the culture is and who the key characters are. But while your words are important, your numbers are your validation. Without understanding what the numbers are telling you, you can’t ever quantify what your business is actually doing—or not doing, for that matter.

Topics: Leadership

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