Lynn Goza

Written by Lynn Goza

Lynn is an EMyth Coach, and Mentor. Her passion is coaching smart, talented, and engaged entrepreneurs who are committed to their success by focusing on learning and accountability. Together she and her clients discover opportunities and break through barriers to create the life that fulfills them. Learn more about Lynn or schedule a free session with her.

Who Is Your Best Customer?

As a business owner, attracting customers is so central and occupies so much of your focus that it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that not all customers are created equal.

Not knowing who your best customer is results in countless and costly efforts to attract a customer who isn’t actually your ideal. You suffer endless frustrations, false starts, wasted time and money, and sometimes even total failure, all to pursue an audience that never was that “into you” to begin with. More importantly, if you really examined that audience, would you be that into them?

Topics: EMyth, Values, Systemization

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How Harry Took Back His Life

A life consumed exclusively by your business is not a life worth living.

Let me tell you about Harry.

Harry was a deeply spiritual man. He wanted to have the time to be involved with his church’s philanthropic efforts, and he yearned to give what he could to create a better world and set an example for his young daughters—but there was literally no time.

Topics: EMyth, Values, Systemization

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Sam’s Story: The Problem with Having All the Answers

As a business owner, you’re the person who knows best how the business should run. But sometimes being the one with all the answers isn’t a good thing.

Let me tell you about my client, Sam, who came to us for coaching.

Topics: EMyth, Strategic Planning, Systemization

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