Kirstin Fulton

Written by Kirstin Fulton

Kirstin Fulton is a Content Creator for EMyth, where she partners with every department to develop content that inspires and educates business owners on their entrepreneurial journey. She has a background as a teacher, storyteller, and writing and editing for corporate events, digital and print media, and both business and academic curriculum. She’s passionate about serving the EMyth community—our clients, Coaches, and colleagues—through writing that brings clarity, guidance, and enthusiasm to the everyday.

7 Organizational Tools Every Business Owner Needs

Business owners often face a frustrating dilemma: They’re so busy with the tactical work of their business, they can’t find time to create the structure needed to escape that tactical work. It’s an overwhelming cycle that—for many—feels inescapable. But I promise it’s not. It’s not easy to escape it, but it’s not impossible.

Topics: Management, Leadership, Strategic Planning

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