Judith Lerner

Written by Judith Lerner

Judith is an EMyth Coach. She brings knowledge, refined insights, and heart-felt support to business owners ready to focus on self-awareness and acceptance of personal accountability in service of taking their business to the next level. With good humor and full attention, her empowering approach inspires curiosity, discovery, and action. Learn more about Judith or schedule a free session with her here.

Your Business Is a Vehicle: Where Is It Taking You?

At EMyth, we take the approach that owning a business is a vehicle to give you more life. It’s a place to grow and to discover who you are and the way you want to express yourself in the world. It’s a place for creativity and innovation that can bring you closer to your own strengths, your own purpose, your own heart, and help you meet your financial goals.

Topics: EMyth, Strategic Planning, Values

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Want a Better Business? Find What Lights You Up

Oh No . . . This Is My Life

Diana and her two partners had a business that served the skateboarding community. When they first began coaching with me, the wheels were starting to come off for Diana. She was on the verge of quitting. “I want out,” she said, “of all of it. Everything feels like it comes down to me. I’m pulled in too many directions.”

Topics: EMyth, Values, Systemization

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The Time You Need Is There: Here’s How To Find It.

On average, how much of your time is spent working in your business doing the day to day tactical work involved in producing, delivering or selling your product or service?

For most business owners, when we first meet them, the answer is usually: ALL of it.

Topics: EMyth, Strategic Planning, Systemization

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How’s Business? It Depends on Which Hat You’re Wearing.

One of the things we really care about at EMyth is helping business owners Work On it, not just In it. By “it”, we mean the business. Most owners spend most of their time and energy In the business—involved in the day-to-day “doing it”—when the most powerful thing they can do as leaders is work On it—things like crafting a vision for the business, empowering their team, etc.

Topics: EMyth, Strategic Planning, Systemization

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