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Josef is an EMyth Certified Business Coach and has been coaching business owners since 2002. Josef works in his own practice at Emergent Business.

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Time Management is painful: real leaders do it anyway.

We all want to feel good, and not feel bad. So we prefer that change be comfortable. Sometimes it is. Most of the time it's not. As is so often said in the fitness world, "No pain, no gain." You want to slim your waistline? Bigger muscles? You earn that progress through discomfort. You're going to sweat, and it's going to burn. Sure, you'll feel great afterward, but the process is going to hurt. That's how you know it's working. That, and seeing the results when you stick with it over time.

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Manage Yourself First

Your business plan is based on increasing revenue. You're looking forward to more revenue creating more profit. And with the increase in cash flow you'll finally be able to hire more people so that your struggles will ease and you will finally be able to get free of the technical work.

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