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Jonathan Raymond

Written by Jonathan Raymond

Jonathan was a frequent contributor to the EMyth blog from 2011-2015. His articles focus on marketing, branding, and organizational culture.

Don't Forget ... You're the Coach For Your Team

As a business owner, do you also think of yourself as a coach? Embracing this part of your role - to help your people grow while your company does - is more important than ever before. Because even if they don't always say so, everyone on your team wants the same thing: to feel that their work mattered today, to you and to them.

Topics: Managing Employees

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"Coach" Is No Small Word

With the launch of Evoke 2014, we're shifting gears today to honor business coaches - those in our network and others from around the world. As an EMyth follower, you understand the value of coaching and mentoring, but sometimes it can be hard to describe what these incredible people really do, who they 'are' in the life of a business owner. If you're a coach or advisor or looking to become one, I hope you'll join me Thursday for this free video recording on growing your practice. For now, let's start with a few ideas about the 'stuff' that great coaches are made of:

Topics: Coaching

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Transparency In Business? It Might Not Be That Clear

You need to get out there and be 'social' as the business owner, right? Getting active on Twitter, LinkedIn, to tell your story and be transparent - that's all the rage. And while it might be good advice, there are some crucial nuances that we rarely pause to think about in terms of what's actually in the best interest of your business. Not just how much transparency, but what kind?

Topics: Leadership, Values

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Work With Family And Friends? It's Not The Time To Talk Turkey

Working with people you have personal relationships with can be a wonderful thing. And it often doesn't turn out that way. It can easily get 'complicated' when you're trying to juggle two kinds of relationships with the same person. And while it's easy enough to say 'just be yourself', we all know that when it comes to relationships, and how easy it is to burn bridges, it's better to think it through first. Here are some ideas to try out as you head into the holidays.

Topics: Managing Employees, Leadership

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Accountability Means Never Having To Say "We're Sorry"

"We're sorry" is a terrible thing to say to a frustrated customer. That is, unless you've already fixed the problem. Apologizing before you've fixed the problem, as we all know first hand, can get things going downhill fast. Before, we were frustrated with the product or service. Now we're frustrated with your employee, and by extension, you and your brand. This is rapidly approaching common knowledge in the business world, so why do so many businesses still miss the mark in the moments that count?

Topics: Company Culture, Leadership

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Trying To Reach Your Ideal Customer? They Might Be Closer Than You Think

What if you've already found your tribe without knowing it? It's worth considering, because they're probably sending you a message about your product or service that you can easily miss if you don't listen carefully. This was true for us, and we're learning some incredible things from our 'tribe', things that might help you as you work to find and connect with yours.

Topics: EMyth, Brand, Marketing

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Are You Talking To Me? The Three Kinds Of Working Relationships

There are infinite possibilities for titles and positions in your business, but there are really only three kinds of relationships between any two of them. And understanding the dynamics of these three relationships - which are, more than anything, power dynamics - is critical to the professional development of your staff, the long term health of your business culture, and the personal sanity of everyone involved. The work here is intimately tied to having a well conceived org chart, as you seek to bring out 'hidden' dynamics in your company culture before they turn toxic.

Topics: Managing Employees, Company Culture, Leadership

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Writing A Blog For Your Small Business? Put Your Idea In A Frame

Are you still putting off writing that blog or newsletter for your business? How long has it been haunting you? You keep telling yourself it's a great opportunity to get your business out there, and connect with your customers. But becoming a blogger on top of everything else?

Topics: Marketing

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Using EMyth To Grow Your Business? What Story Are You Telling?

You can learn a lot about your business through market research and customer feedback. But if you're building a brand for the long term, there's a deeper story that isn't so easily quantified. It's the more personal story you're telling yourself and then to your customers that keeps people coming back. And after the early stages of a business, one of the biggest challenges isn't just staying true to that story, it's refining it, and staying relevant to both existing customers and new ones.

Topics: Brand, Company Culture

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The Miraculous Healing Powers Of The Org Chart

I was at a seminar a long time ago, and the presenter, who was a jerk but had a good sense of humor, was trying to help a young man struggling to find himself. "Let me ask you something ... do you have parents?" he asked. A bit stunned, the young man replied "Um, yeah ... why?" "I'm not surprised," he quipped, "... you show all the symptoms."

Topics: Leadership

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