Jed Bickford

Written by Jed Bickford

Jed is our Director of Product Development and an EMyth Certified Coach. He's a former business owner and he makes project management look easy, and somehow fun.

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The System to Achieve Your Goals in 2017

Have you ever stepped back from your business for a few hours to think about what you want this company to give you? Maybe it's the dream you started with, the one that gave you the momentum and courage to quit a job and venture out on your own. Maybe it's the time and support you want to dedicate to your family and community.

Topics: Managing Employees, Strategic Planning, Systemization

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Struggling With Self-Management? Try the Strategy 30.

Being a business owner means more than owning the company. You're also a business leader - whether you have a 50-person team, or you're a solopreneur. Right now, by design or by accident, you're setting the direction and tone of everything your company does. It takes a crisis for most business owners to start actively leading - getting out in front of this requires you to ask the question: Am I leading by design or by accident?

Topics: Leadership

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