Ed Sinko

Written by Ed Sinko

Ed has owned several small businesses over the past 25 years. He enrolled in the EMyth program in 2000 as a client and applied its principles to his life and business. After realizing meaningful success, he has focused his attention on coaching others with EMyth.

How to Grow (and Protect) Your Business by Mastering Your Finances

It’s tax season, a time when finance—and finance management—is on all my clients’ minds. So I usually take the opportunity to ask them: “Are you abdicating or delegating your finances to your accountant?” In other words: Do you defer to your accountant, waiting for them to give you financial results that’ll help you better lead and manage your business? Or do you already know the results they’ll give because you know how to read the financials yourself?

Most clients start by abdicating—and it puts them in a risky position.

Topics: Managing Money, Leadership, Finance

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