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David is an EMyth Coach, Coach Mentor, Author, workshop facilitator, and speaker. He has a unique background as both a successful entrepreneur and a high-level coach. He is an expert at cutting through the chaos to bring clarity, vision, strategy and accountability. Unlike most business coaches and consultants, he's not afraid to share his successes or his struggles. All business owners have them, few discuss them so openly and authentically. If you're frustrated with the challenges that trying to get to the next level in your business can bring—or you want to craft a powerful vision for what's comes next—he's the right person to speak to. Schedule a conversation with David to get back to being the leader you always wanted to be. Learn more about David and schedule a free session with him here.

How to Find Your Why...On Purpose

If ever you’ve longed to find out why you’re here—your purpose, your big mission—this blog is for you!

This blog is it. Your silver bullet. The answer you’ve been seeking for years. Read on to discover the 5 steps you need to take to find the answers to your deepest questions, all in 30 minutes and while surfing Facebook and LinkedIn. Without this blog, you’ll be doomed to a hollow life. We all know that if you don’t have a “why”—a purpose or a mission to save the world—you’re in the sad minority. Without a why, your whole life will be a failure, a stumbling mess falling from one idea to the next without ever achieving enlightenment. It’s like driving your car down the highway of life with an empty gas tank, slowly limping toward retirement and your final destination...

Topics: EMyth, Values, Systemization

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Why Your Core Values Have Everything to Do with Your Business

Overwhelmed. Tired. Depressed. Stressed. This is how I felt having created a business that was a reflection of me without really knowing who I was and what I wanted from my life. I was tired, unhappy, in chaos and felt like my world was coming down around me. The world was in recession and I was caught in the eye of the storm. The business I’d put seven years of hard work and energy into—sacrificing several other parts of my life and relationships—was on the brink of collapse.

Topics: Values

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