The One Business System That Drives All The Others

With all the talk about values - most of which we'd be better off without - there's not much good advice on how to actually find out what your values are. And finding those values and writing them down is the first of nine key systems your business needs to grow.

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Nobody Cares About Your Company Values

"Values" have gone viral, and not necessarily in a good way. The process of discovering and clarifying your values and building your business based on them is a deeply personal one, but the cynical marketers among us have other designs. If they have their way, and they will, saying you have 'strong core values' will mean about as much as saying your product is 'natural'. That's actually good news.

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Data Doesn't Equal Meaning

Data is a wonderful thing. From "big data" to talk about the "data driven" life, it's a fascinating time where we're all figuring out what data we really want and need, how much of it, and when. And as a business owner, you've got some powerful, affordable tools at your disposal.

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The Power of Caring

It's an impossibly small moment. That sliver of a fraction of a second when we decide to buy from you or move on. It happens long before we put down our credit card. It's a feeling first - a mental rationalization second.

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Atlas Cared

What if Ayn Rand and her controversial worldview is actually a far more reasonable picture of reality than many believe, but for all the wrong reasons? While there’s no shortage of opinions on how her ideas should be applied (or more often, rejected), arguing about whether she was right or wrong wastes a bigger opportunity. There’s a way to honor the real truth in her philosophy, just inside a more holistic and accurate picture of our humanity and how we express ourselves through work and business.

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"And" Is The New "Or"

Business has generally been an either/or proposition. You’re either the boss or a worker, an owner or an employee. You’re either at work or in your life. You either have fear or you’re a strong leader. You either manage through intimidation, or are afraid of your own authority and end up being too distant or too nice. Is the answer systematization or having great people? Do I focus on maximizing profit or building a great culture? And on and on.

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Shopping For A President?

I’m in the market for a President.

My country is in need of some repair, some short term solutions tied to a long term vision that makes sense, and I’m looking for a leader who can deliver. It happened to be that two Presidential Merchants were on stage together last week, so I tuned in to hear their pitch. At the end of the night, I found myself in the same position most shoppers find themselves in. I wanted to buy something — I mean I really need a President — but I decided to wait. I heard two salesman arguing about features and prices and neither of them answered the real question I had. Why should I buy from you? I walked away depressed.

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How Not To Care

A See-Through Strategy

The business world is very confused about something incredibly simple. Caring. Have you noticed how much “caring” everybody is doing these days?

Topics: Managing Employees, Leadership, Values

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