How We're Planning for Our 40th Anniversary

This is the season for planning for the new year and we’ve been talking a lot about it. If you haven’t started yet, it’s not too late to create your Annual Plan. We have a six step process to get you there. If you really want your business to look, act, feel and perform differently a year from now (Is there anyone who doesn’t?), then plan for it, put a stake in the ground, take in what the past year—or your entire history—is showing you, make a commitment to lead your company in new directions. And then act, small step by small step.

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How Do You Create a Business That Beats the Odds? I’ll Tell You.

It was about a year ago today that I was asked by Ilene Gail Frahm, our Board Chair, to become the next CEO of EMyth. The last year has been filled with an immense amount of learning and growth. My appreciation for every single person on our team in Ashland, Oregon has never been greater: they are all incredibly devoted to clearing the path for our network of coaches to do the important work of improving the lives and businesses of business owners around the world. Perhaps you’ve seen or heard from them in emails or on the phone, in videos or webinars, but if you haven’t… please know there isn’t a more dedicated team anywhere in the world. They are: Britt’nee Anderson, Michael Anderson, Jed Bickford, Justine Bowen-Jones, Sam Gerber, LC Graf, Molly Hamilton, Ali Hough, Nick Lawler, Slade Machamer, Josh Merritt, Lenny Miller, Ashley Nunes, Eben Ostergaard, Sierra Satow, Jon Shaffer, Adam Traub, Cass Wick, and Shey Yearsley.

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Crafting Our Vision

What is our purpose?

What do we value as a company?

What specifically are we going to do?

What are we committing to achieve?

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How to Stop Wasting Time in Your Sales Calls

You know what a bad sales call feels like. The aimless small talk, the thinly disguised attempt at ‘relating’ to you, and the ever-present background anxiety of the sales person desperate to meet their monthly quota. All you wanted was a real conversation with a real person to help you make an informed decision. Now think about your business (and your sales numbers). Are you giving your prospects a sales experience like that?

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Go from Overwhelm to Overjoyed

Why You're Frustrated and What to Do About It

Employee turnover. Customer complaints. Unplanned expenses. Competition everywhere you look. Pain in the neck vendors. An endless string of new technologies you’re supposed to learn how to use. Social #%?@! media. It’s enough to make you want to go get a job.

This isn’t what you signed up for. The whole point of this was to get in control of your life, to do something that you’re passionate about. It wasn’t about the money, but about being able to do what you love. What the heck happened?

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Trying To Reach Your Ideal Customer? They Might Be Closer Than You Think

What if you've already found your tribe without knowing it? It's worth considering, because they're probably sending you a message about your product or service that you can easily miss if you don't listen carefully. This was true for us, and we're learning some incredible things from our 'tribe', things that might help you as you work to find and connect with yours.

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Shouldn’t your business coach be better at marketing than you are?

Shouldn't business coaches have a great business of their own? How much can they really help you if they're teaching but not doing? And by doing, I mean working on their business the way they say you should be working on yours.

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The One Business System That Drives All The Others

With all the talk about values - most of which we'd be better off without - there's not much good advice on how to actually find out what your values are. And finding those values and writing them down is the first of nine key systems your business needs to grow.

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Money is Not One of the Top Three Reasons Entrepreneurs Start Their Business

Second Annual State of the Business Owner Report Reveals that the Top Three Factors that Motivate Entrepreneurs to Start their Business are Freedom, Passion and Independence

For today’s entrepreneurs, starting a business is not all about the money. According to the 2013 State Of The Business Owner (SOBO) Report, announced today by business coaching leader EMyth, the top three reasons today’s entrepreneurs start their business are: freedom to pursue new opportunities; following their personal passion; and, to gain independence from other’s control. Money, in fact, ranks fourth. EMyth commissioned the State Of The Business Owner project, now in its second year, and surveyed more than 1,700 business owners to gain insights into the real challenges that small and midsize businesses face on a daily basis.

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Make It Your Business

In 2008 my small business collapsed. It was heartbreaking.

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