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Fred and Heidi Wittenberg: The Folk Agency Realtors

Some years ago my daughter, Heidi, started working in the business; first in administration, and then as an active real estate agent also doing administrative work. As her competence and reputation in both areas grew and she became willing to take on more and more responsibility for the operation of the business, it just seemed so natural to think of succession. Heidi’s innate sense of what needed to get done, and then getting it done, led me to begin romancing the idea of my retreat from active daily presence and management of the office.

These thoughts, while quite pleasing to contemplate, also brought with them the panicked thinking that seems to occur in the wee hours of the morning. “What am I thinking? She is my daughter! You can’t just turn this over and walk away.” That would be akin to giving her command of the Titanic and saying “Good Luck.” Systems? What systems? Financial statement that makes sense? How about client follow up systems, client fulfillment systems, Lead Generation systems (I didn’t know these terms then, but I sensed the need).

After 30 years of operating the business in a successful, but somewhat erratic and stressful manner, I sensed a strong need to “just get it right” before I could feel comfortable in even considering turning it over.

After discussing the idea of enrolling in EMyth Coaching with Heidi, her enthusiastic “Yes” to the idea gave me the assurance that we were on the right course to building a business that would serve us by design, and not by default to the urgent needs of the day, hour and minute.

Fred and Heidi enthusiastically committed to coaching and being open to the questions, observations and analysis of how and why they cared so much about their client's and the results their business provided. I gently held them accountable to progress and implementation and now Heidi leads the Folk Agency, while Fred enjoys the fruits of his labors in the Florida sunshine!—Lynn Goza

The coaching program has been so uniquely effective in helping us to focus on what is really important in our operation. It has helped us identify those specific activities which enable us to fulfill our promise to our customers and to build systems around these activities to ensure that they occur as promised, only better, and with unfailing consistency.

I have come to enjoy a sense of freedom and well-being in knowing that “I am not the business,” and I am able to view the business from the perspective that it has been created not as a place for me to work, but as a system of systems designed by me, to work for me. Working with our coach can be summed in one word: Accountability. Does she know our business as well as we do? I doubt it. Does she know our industry as well as we do? I doubt that also, but does she know how to help us transform our business, and in turn the opportunity for us to lead more fulfilling lives? Absolutely! She has helped us do, in less than one year, what I have been “going to get around to doing for 30 years!”

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