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Dr. Ronald Powell: Barrington Dental Care

Barrington Dental Care is a high-end dental practice. We excel at cosmetic dentistry and provide people with the smiles of their dreams. We approach dentistry from a long-term perspective and focus not just on the needs of our clients, but on their wants as well.

I have gone to a lot of consultants in my time, and many were focused on dental practices, but what interested me about EMyth was the "total package" perspective. I recognized the value in an approach that didn't just touch on a certain aspects of my practice, but instead provided a comprehensive business development package. After years of being the Technician, I wanted to learn how to manage, run and develop a small business.

My undergraduate degree is actually in Business Administration. But I've been in business for 41 years and for a good portion of those years, I focused on being a Technician.

Since starting coaching, I have begun to consider myself a business person, not just a dentist. My whole perspective about what I am at this point in my career has changed dramatically. I’m still a dentist, but that’s not where my focus is anymore. My focus is now on running my business.

Each of us has God-given talent. I know I have a talent in dental procedures, but I’ve also got talent in organizational strategies and with coaching I’ve realized that I have a certain visionary talent too.

EMyth helped me get clear on my vision for my practice. I knew I didn’t want to quit dentistry cold, but I also knew it was time for a change. I now realize how the practice can develop to become what I want it to be. I know that I can let go of the technical work and focus on business development. I have the ability now to spend 20 percent of my time on management, and 80 percent on entrepreneurial work. I can quit fixing teeth and get to work on managing and developing a business!

Working with a coach was an exceptionally good experience. The perspective he provided me with made all the difference. Even though the modules are in-depth, I’d still struggle sometimes with the worksheets. My coach would always give me another way to approach things. He'd say, “Well why don’t you look at it from this direction?” And just that little nudge would open up a whole different avenue for me.

My coach told me when I first started that you have to work at least one hour a day on the business. It seemed like a lot at the time but now I realize that if you can dedicate that kind of time two or three times a week, it can make a big difference in your business.

The Values, Passion and Purpose processes really changed the way I approach my business. They also impacted my employees, some of whom have been with me for nearly 20 years. Needless to say, we know each other pretty well. But I was pleasantly surprised at how positively they've responded to some of the changes that have come as result of the program. They understand my enthusiasm and when I shared my vision with them, they understood that it meant that some things would have to change. But they also realized how important it is for us to make these changes and they're all on board.

We now schedule regular Employee Development Meetings and I've been working with each member of my team as they create their own value statement. What they shared quite openly with me, has really been incredible. All too often you just bring people in and train them to do a job without recognizing that they’re not just there because of a job, they’re there for a lot of reasons that go beyond employment. I’m now taking the time to pay attention to them as individuals.

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