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Matt Wilhelmsen is a certified EMyth Coach as well as an EMyth Coach trainer and owner of freak. Business Coaching. Matt challenges his clients to bring all of themselves to their business. He is inspired daily by his clients and their tenacity to create something most people only dream of. It is because of his clients that he jumps out of bed each morning. In his free time, Matt loves to spend his time outdoors with his wife Stacy and twin boys.

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Your Brand Commitment: It's More about You than Your Customers

This is part two in a series. Click here for Part 1.

In my last post we talked about marketing and how it starts with you and your Brand Commitment. I left you with two questions to ponder: What do you want your customers to say about your business? And, how do you want your customers to feel in every interaction with your business?

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Marketing: It's More about You than Your Customers

“We need more sales.”

At some point during the life of your business you've probably uttered these words. For most business owners these words have become a part of their regular vocabulary. Without sales, there's no business. The employees need to get paid, the lights need to stay on and most companies are looking for some level of growth. I get it.

Topics: Sales, Brand, Marketing

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