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What's It Going to Take to Grow in 2015?

You’re always looking for new ways to grow. But the trap most owners fall into is that they spend too much time figuring what they’re going to do, and not enough on what they’re not. It’s the ‘secret ingredient’ to our 6 step planning process—the simplest way we know to figure out where you want to go and what needs to change to get there.

Topics: Strategic Planning

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Is Marketing Automation the Silver Bullet You're Looking For?

There are a lot of things marketing automation software can do for you. It can help you increase traffic, educate and inspire potential customers, and give you a microscopic view of what happens at every step of your buyer’s journey.

But like all good things, it’s not quite that simple. It takes a real investment of time, attention and money. It won’t create content for you. And it won’t tell you who your real buyers are. In short, you can get a lot out of it—but only if you put the right things into it first.

Topics: Brand, Marketing, Technology

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Looking for the Perfect Customer? Look No Further.

It’s never been easier to chase after the wrong customers. With the explosion of online marketing tools, you and your team can spend all day (and all night) doing it. Which is why it’s never been more important that you have something—or more specifically, someone—to guide you. The challenge for today’s business owner is to get to know your customer in far deeper ways than you’ve ever done before.

Topics: Brand, Marketing

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What If the Missing Link in Your Marketing Is You?

You’ve got a blog. Maybe an email newsletter. You’re tweeting and linking and trying to figure out the whole social thing. You even set aside time each week to meet with your team to try to come up with new ideas for how to get people interested in your product. It seems like you’re doing all the right things, but somehow you’re still not getting traction. What’s going on?

Topics: Marketing

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If Your Company Culture Could Talk, What Would It Say?

Would you apply for a job at your business? Think about it for a moment. With where you are in your life—with your unique talents and dreams—is it the kind of place that would support you in getting closer to the life you want? Do you think you have any employees who aren’t evaluating their jobs, right this very minute, on that criteria?

Topics: Managing Employees, Brand, Company Culture

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How Can You Keep It Real with a Virtual Team?

There’s no substitute for being in the same place as your employees. And that’s a good thing. Part of the joy of going to work is that you get to spend your day with people you respect, and we hope, enjoy being around. And while there are some good reasons to have people on your team who work remotely, you have to address the very real gap that’s present because they aren’t. As long as you start there, there are many things you can do—best practices and powerful tools—to close it.

Topics: Managing Employees, Company Culture

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How To Make Your Small Business Blog Really Shine

Is your blog getting you down? Do you wonder whether it’s worth all the effort, whether people are really getting something from it, whether you’re “doing it right”? Maybe you think you’re not a writer, or you simply feel like you don’t have the time to write with all the other demands of your small business.

Topics: Sales, Brand, Marketing, Technology

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Want To Know What Motivates Your Staff? Just Ask Them.

It's probably easier to see now, but you didn't start your business just to make money. You did it to feel something - independence, a kind of freedom and control over your life, to be able to do it your way. And you "re-earn" that freedom with every headache and heartache that comes with being a business owner. But while there are certain things only an owner can feel - good and bad - there's a version of that freedom that each and every one of your employees wants for themselves. And you have more power than you know to give it to them.

Topics: Managing Employees

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Don't Forget ... You're the Coach For Your Team

As a business owner, do you also think of yourself as a coach? Embracing this part of your role - to help your people grow while your company does - is more important than ever before. Because even if they don't always say so, everyone on your team wants the same thing: to feel that their work mattered today, to you and to them.

Topics: Managing Employees

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"Coach" Is No Small Word

With the launch of Evoke 2014, we're shifting gears today to honor business coaches - those in our network and others from around the world. As an EMyth follower, you understand the value of coaching and mentoring, but sometimes it can be hard to describe what these incredible people really do, who they 'are' in the life of a business owner. If you're a coach or advisor or looking to become one, I hope you'll join me Thursday for this free webinar on growing your practice. For now, let's start with a few ideas about the 'stuff' that great coaches are made of:

Topics: Coaching

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