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Go from Overwhelm to Overjoyed

Why You're Frustrated and What to Do About It

Employee turnover. Customer complaints. Unplanned expenses. Competition everywhere you look. Pain in the neck vendors. An endless string of new technologies you’re supposed to learn how to use. Social #%?@! media. It’s enough to make you want to go get a job.

This isn’t what you signed up for. The whole point of this was to get in control of your life, to do something that you’re passionate about. It wasn’t about the money, but about being able to do what you love. What the heck happened?

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Money is Not One of the Top Three Reasons Entrepreneurs Start Their Business

Second Annual State of the Business Owner Report Reveals that the Top Three Factors that Motivate Entrepreneurs to Start their Business are Freedom, Passion and Independence

For today’s entrepreneurs, starting a business is not all about the money. According to the 2013 State Of The Business Owner (SOBO) Report, announced today by business coaching leader EMyth, the top three reasons today’s entrepreneurs start their business are: freedom to pursue new opportunities; following their personal passion; and, to gain independence from other’s control. Money, in fact, ranks fourth. EMyth commissioned the State Of The Business Owner project, now in its second year, and surveyed more than 1,700 business owners to gain insights into the real challenges that small and midsize businesses face on a daily basis.

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What Brand Is Your Cloud?

It might sound strange, but one of our goals in transforming our company was to make our technology department obsolete.

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State of the Business Owner 2012 Infographic

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Face Your Blind Spots

Last Wednesday, Jonathan talked about the Metaphysics of Change. Let’s dive a bit deeper into accountability and blind spots.

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Our New Platform and How We Got Here

EMyth Reimagined - Part 4 of 5 (View All)

Like all companies in need of transformation, we knew technology would be a part of it. Looking back, we saw the outlines of the problem in everything from the old website to how we processed payments. As we looked further we saw what wouldn’t surprise anyone - operational but inefficient processes that were tweaked but never restructured, databases and other systems that were at or beyond their end of life still chugging along, and a development platform that was initially chosen out of need but was no longer viable in a business trying to scale. Our IT Applications and Systems were “the way they were” and the larger questions weren’t being asked.

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