Adam Traub

Written by Adam Traub

Adam is our Coaching Delivery Manager. He was a client of EMyth as a General Manager of a manufacturing company and was so blown away by the transformation that happened, he decided to become an EMyth Coach in 2002. He loves helping coaches and clients have more life.

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What’s the worst thing that could happen to your business? Are you prepared for it?

What do oyster farming, planning, and your business have in common?

If you work in the oyster farming business, then one thing is certain: everything can—and will—go wrong in your business. Wind, rain, tidal swells, oil spills, and sea sickness to name a few. Rest assured, there will be an obstacle in your way. 

Topics: Strategic Planning, Management

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Whoooo Are you? Who? Who?.... Who? Who?

Building a Coaching Relationship with Integrity

I have been a fan of The Who for 38 years. I love their music and their powerful contribution to rock and roll, but above all, I love the strength of their message. To me, the music of The Who is about integrity and being true to yourself.

Topics: Coaching, Values

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